Adult Transformation

What does being strong and in shape mean to you?

For Tom it meant to finally stop “dabbling” in fitness and to set new PRs, both mentally and physically, while forming new habits before he turned 60. For Judy it means being her best self every single day. For Jennilee it means shutting off her brain for a little bit, having some fun, relieving some stress, and putting in great work. For Ken it meant finding a passion in strength training he never knew existed.

When it comes to being strong and in shape everyone has their own reasons why. As your coaches it is our job to support your “why” and make sure that you master the craft of training hard and training smart so you can enjoy the gift of strength and fitness for the rest of your life.

Most fitness routines and people have the wrong expectations for what great exercise is, and too often sacrifice safety for intensity. If you trade quality (and your joints) for quantity (like millions of high intensity reps) you aren’t going to be happy when your body reminds you who is in charge.

Perhaps there is a better way? What if you could learn how to exercise with great detail, pristine form and still have a lot of energy and fun along the way? What if you didn’t have to sacrifice quality, ever again, for a great workout that you can sustain AND continue to improve with?

We invite you to consider how your life would be different, and dare we say better,  if you were strong and in shape for every single day of it.

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