What Our Gym Offers

Adult Total Health

Sick, tired, weak, overweight and in nagging pain is no way to go through life. You don’t have to destroy yourself in the gym, you don’t have to be intimidated by the process, and you don’t have to go on another binge diet to create lasting results and achieve a health transformation you never thought possible.

Total health is about the complete experience so that you can improve every facet of your health. From strength, mobility, cardiovascular, nutrition, mental health, and pain reduction, pursuing total health allows you to live an active life full of fulfillment, enjoyment, and adventure so that you live better and live longer.



Gone are the days when athletes can become their personal best by lifting some weights, running some laps, and playing year-round sports. Sports require more speed, strength, and explosiveness than ever. Our Sport Performance Program guides the modern athlete through the most comprehensive training experience of their life.

Once an athlete trains here they never look back.


ACL Re-Conditioning

ACL athletes should not be cleared to play without going through a comprehensive return-to-play program. ACL athletes deserve expertise and a complete experience to ensure they don’t have a re-tear, come back faster than pre-injury, and are 100% confident their body is GAME READY. Driven’s track record of taking care of ACL is second to none and we love being on their return to sport journey.



Weight Loss For Life

You know how you have been living 30+ pounds overweight for years and years? You know that nothing will change unless you do something about it, but everything you have tried either hasn’t worked or hasn’t stuck. This Program is where the quick-fix mentality, the extreme dieting, and the quitting ends. This is how you achieve weight loss for life.


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