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Transformation Program

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This is our incredibly successful kick-start program designed to give you the start you need to hit your fat loss and body transformation goals.

Nothing makes starting a health and fitness program more enjoyable than seeing early success. The momentum becomes contagious!

This program is designed to help you lose between 8-20 pounds in the first six weeks.

Who Is This For?

Women who feel intimidated by the typical gym setting, feel that they are starting from scratch with their health and fitness and are looking for guidance and a proven plan to help them reach their goals and transform their body and health.

Six Pillars of the Program

Personalized Fitness Training

Worried that you are going to be overwhelmed? Not at Driven. Every time you step through our doors you get coached through personalized workouts that meet you exactly where you are while still burning fat, building muscle and not beating you up. You’ll leave each session excited for more without having destroyed your joints along the way!

Support, Accountability, Education & Motivation

Every single day you will hear from your coach. This six weeks is designed to be the start of a brand new health and fitness life for you. Your coach is here to make sure you know you have support, being held accountable to the plan, educated on how to best execute and/or make adjustments, and inspired to do your best.

Healthy Eating

Nutrition is the real secret to success when it comes to a body transformation. But for us at Driven it is all about providing the right resources AND education so that you can get results now and learn how to make them sustainable and a part of your lifestyle. As a part of this program you will receive a custom meal plan, checklists, recipe manuals, shopping lists, calorie trackers, and more resources that help you build habits, eat real and delicious food, eliminate the guesswork, and make nutrition simple, consistent, and dare I say enjoyable!


Intimidated by the gym? Don’t worry, the vast majority of Driven Adult members all started from “scratch” and want similar things. They want to burn fat, build muscle, feel better, have more energy, and build a habit of health and fitness into their lives. And as you’ll notice the Driven members are all “regular” moms and dads who all want to see the “newbie” be successful and feel welcome. It helps to have people who are kind and caring alongside you on this journey.

Online Coaching

Can’t make it to the gym that day? No problem. Just click into your online training portal and you’ll have everything you need to get a high quality workout from home.


Your progress will be tracked weekly through our high-tech so we know we are getting results and you can start to get a sense of the trend lines that your effort is creating.

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