ACL Re-Conditioning

Through a detailed testing protocol, ACL-specific personalized programs, and progressive intensity athletes fully recover from their ACL injury and return to sports knowing they are game ready.

The first time you step back into a game how do you want to feel?

Do you want to feel beyond ready knowing you ARE ready?

Or do you want your ACL leg to still feel heavy, weak and slow?

Do you want to have the confidence AND speed to play your game without fear and hesitation holding you back? Or do you want to play a game of worry where you aren’t sure how your ACL leg will make it through the seasons?

How do you want to come back to the game you love? Do you want to be tormented by this injury because you aren’t the same player you once were or do you want to take charge of your recovery and come back strong, confident, and explosive?

Coming back from an ACL injury is no joke, I would know as I did it four times in my career. Luckily you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did and you do not have to settle for an average and dangerous comeback.

You can come back faster, stronger and safer. You just need to show up and buy-in.

The question then is what makes a world-class ACL Return to Play Program?

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