Adult Total Health

When it comes to health and fitness everyone has their own reasons why they want to make a change. Whether you are tired of feeling tired, know you are not living a healthy lifestyle and worry about your future, or want to start feeling strong and in shape so that you can live an active life, we all start somewhere.

But most people have the wrong expectations for what a great health and fitness program is, and too often we sacrifice safety for intensity. If you trade quality (and your joints) for quantity (like millions of high intensity reps) you aren’t going to be happy when your body reminds you who is in charge. On the other hand there are countless adults who are too scared and intimidated to start.

Perhaps there is a better way.

Since 2015 we have been helping local residents reclaim their health and fitness through our total health approach.

We look at what we provide through the lens of “total health” so you aren’t here just to get a workout in. We want to help you dramatically improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular health while developing sustainable nutrition habits. This approach doesn’t just burn fat and build muscle but it allows for a higher quality of life that you can enjoy for a very long time.

In the Driven Adult Total Health Program you:

  1. Develop movement and life skills that can last a lifetime
  2. Go through your own personal journey
  3. Rediscover an enjoyment for health and fitness you didn’t know existed
  4. Achieve what you never thought possible

Learn about our Total Health approach and how we can help you live better and live longer.

P.S. If you are intimidated by the gym or feel like you are starting from scratch you are not alone, so was the vast majority of Driven adults in our program. We all have to start somewhere and the beauty of our program is that we meet you where you are at. Book a call to learn more!

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